Troilus and Cressida by Uncle Pandarus

  • Day 1 – Chance of War

Day 2 – Mad in Cressida’s Love

Day 3 – Doubtful Hope

Day 4 – Troilus is Troilus

Day 5 – O Admirable Man!

Day 6 – Such a Woman!

Day 7 – Women are Angels

Day 8 – Troilus Above the Rest

Too ill to speak today, I leave you with
A stark reminder war roar’d on and on,
And Troilus fought his foe with raging heart.

Day 9 – Mass of Moan to Come

Cassandra knew the hell that was to come;
She saw it in a dream and then she told
Her brother Troilus, whom she warn’d to stop.

Day 10 – A Theme of Honour

A chat with Troilus ’bout his sister’s dream.

Day 11 – Enchanted Sense

Young Troilus shares his private thoughts once more.

Day 12 – Cupid’s Pageant

They should have been allow’d to love alone,
But I was there to watch their rose-buds bloom.

Day 13 – Purity in Love

I follow’d her too close, but now my guilt
Is turning good by telling you this tale.

Day 14 – Troilus and Cressida

They saw me there, those beautiful young loves.

Day 15 – Night Hath Been Too Brief

I watch’d them both; I am a sordid man,
With poison in my mind and in my blood.
I warn you, fair beholders, that today
My post below contains a sexual scene.

Day 16 – The Enemy Demands Her

The bad news came; it fill’d our hearts with dread.

Day 17 – Break My Heart

My Cressida defies the rules with rage.

Day 18 – This is and is not Cressida

Poor Troilus suffers, broken-hearted boy.

Day 19 – Disease

My tale’s of war and how it kills what’s dear.
Rebuild the world from ashes. Use the code
Of fearless samurais – bushido – thus:
Respect and honour others, not the self.
Let beauty live and bloodshed die. Farewell.
– Uncle Pandarus